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Farago Collection

Rich colors, beautiful textures, and 24kt gold accents characterize this limited edition Collection

Statues and Figurines

This little elephant from our Jardin collection is just one of over one hundred animal figurines you can find in our shop.

All lovingly crafted from the finest porcelain. 

Hollóházi Porcelain

Hol- low- haa- zee

Timeless beauty and everyday durability characterize the porcelain made in Hollohaza, Hungary.

For over two centuries, Hollohazi porcelain had been well known in Europe and Asia for their fine quality and craftsmanship;

- Royals had acquired them for their collections, such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as presidents of past and present - George H.W. Bush was a proud owner of a Hollohazi porcelain dinnerware set. 

- The trophies of Formula One Grand Prix' are made by Hollohazi Porcelain and their miniature versions can be yours 


Hollohazi porcelain wares can be personalized, or custom made, so you can make it uniquely yours. 

Hollohazi porcelain is also a sound investment, that displays your personality and sophisticated taste. 

Cremation Urns and Memorials

Handcrafted cremation urns, keepsake urns, and memorials/ ornaments to celebrate and honor the lives of our loved ones. 

Seraph Cobalt Cremation Urn

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